«Dan gets it. And Discipline PR helps us communicate “it" in a manner that is true to our ethos, vision and values.»
Mark Fischer
SKiN GRAFT Records
«It's easy to find someone to do a job for you, it's difficult to find someone who is so passionate about doing that job. Dan is passionate, he loves what he does and we're lucky to have him here. I will continue to work with him, proudly.»
Jerry A. Lang
American Leather Records/Poison Idea
«Publicity is often the hardest part of an album release but Dan Volohov and the team at Discipline PR have been a great help with getting the word out in recent times. The guys have payed their part in bringing both Eternal Return and some of my solo material into the light, thanks guys!»
Colin Edwin
Porcupine Tree, Eternal Return, O.R.k.
«My experience working alongside Dan is and has been a very enjoyable one as Dan is ONIT and PROPER. He is a professional and a huge music fan which goes a long way. Easy to talk with and he always keep me updated all the way. A good man on it and passionate».
Mick Harris
SCORN, Lull, Napalm Death, Painkiller
«Working with Dan was game-changing. He was able to make the most of our campaign with his contacts and enthusiasm. I recommend others to experience his professionalism and tenacity. He will bring his "A game!"».
Kira Roessler
Black Flag, Dos
«Dan interviewed me for the joyzine site and found out I had a collection called Western Stories coming out on my book imprint, Redoubt Press. I wouldn't have done much promotion for this particular book but Dan suggested letting him go to work on it and he was able to find more review and interview interest than I would've thought, half in publications and podcasts I wasn't even aware of, here in the U.S. and in Europe and Australia too. Dan was good about watching out for the costs of overseas mailings as well. Good luck with the company, Dan».
Joe Carducci
SST Records, writer
«Dan Volohov is an excellent publicist! One of the best I’ve worked with. When a cd I recorded with DJ Submerged, Echolocation was about to be released, Dan was right on the case!! He got us several great reviews and interviews with very good publications. He got the word out in a hurry and when you do experimental electronic music that is just what you need, and Dan knew where to go and how to get things done in a very timely way. Thank you so much Dan and I look forward to working with you more in the future!»
Graham Haynes
Solo-artist, composer
«Working with Dan is a pleasure. He creates promo strategies according to who you are and what you do. He's reliable, precise, and always on the case. He placed my releases in places I wasn't even thinking of. I absolutely recommend him».
Eraldo Bernocchi
Sigillum S, Somma, Metallic Taste of Blood, solo-artist
«Dan's a man I can/could count on to get the word out they way I feel/felt safe about how he was going about that, keeping it from being some kind of front or jive and more of a way listeners and gig-goers to get informed about what I'm trying do w/my bass/words through music and art, w/heartfelt integrity and to the point. I feel Dan's a serious cat when it comes to these kinds of "ethics" I take to heart cuz nothing to me is worse than hype. And I'm so glad Dan ain't part of crap like that cuz damn if people ain't already up to the knees w/that, correct? thank you much, Dan Volohov: trusted slinger of honest spiel».
Mike Watt
Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges, Dos
«I put a ton of thought and energy in to every note I write and every word that comes from my heart. To be able to work with someone like Dan and Discipline PR who not only appreciates my efforts but holds those same values within his work and his efforts is a pure joy! Dan is on it without being pushy or overwhelming and he wants to get your release into the best light possible to the most ears and eyes. Looking forward to working with Dan and DisciplinePR again!».
Daniel Kubinski
DeadFinger, Die Kreuzen, FuckFace, Boy Dirt Car, Decapitado!
«Dan at Discipline PR got us attention in places we could've never intruded in the past! The kind of press where usually the doorman would hold out his hand and shout "CAN I HELP YOU SIR?!", but instead said "Come on in! We're very interested in your superior music! Dan demanded the respect and attention from the world that we so richly deserve! We are dedicated to him and Discipline for an eternity. At least!».
Kevin Rutmanis
hepa.Titus, Cows, gaswar, Lords and Lady Kevin, The Melvins, Tomahawk

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