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Self-described by drummer Edley ODowd (Psychic TV, Toilet Boys) as “a band of monsters playing broken instruments,” Scorpion Tea formed through the bonds of friendship, having survived the New York City punk and hardcore scenes together. Meshing cultural influences from Ecuador, Colombia, Eastern Europe, and Puerto Rico with their collective thirst for punk, goth, death rock, and city pop, Scorpion Tea has created a sound described by vocalist Anthony Diaz as “the phonic expression of a den of ravenous creatures.”

Fern Puma’s bass lines, dripping with dapper strength, smartly pair with songwriter and guitarist Christian Cruz’s delectable, unnerving riffs and the bold flavor of Edley’s thunderous, yet sensitive drumming while Anthony’s involute lyrical profile elicits an impending storm over a haunted forest. The resulting noise is a harmonious blend with a rich and complex profile that anyone with an ear for the heavy will enjoy.

The group’s debut album was recorded at Studio 22 in Los Angeles by Tomas Dolas (Osees) and Joo Joo (Air Bol Bol).


Management/PR: Dan Volohov -


Press Quotes

"In the first half of the song, ODowd’s tight snare roll rushes the listener into Fern Puma’s poshly-distorted bass. Seconds later, Christian Cruz’s barbed guitar cuts in like a hot knife. Soon after, vocalist Anthony Diaz chimes in with his declamatory lyrics and it’s apparent that Scorpion Tea is a special blend of death rock intoxication."
- NYSMusic on “Scarlet Misquote

"Future plans include the debut album and several singles from Scorpion Tea (1st single drops in June while the full album comes out in October"
Edley ODowd interview for It's Psychedeic Baby Magazine

"“Scarlet Misquote” is the introductory glimpse into Scorpion Tea’s full-length debut, due October 27th"
- V13

"Following the announcement of the band’s formation earlier this year, GIVE/TAKE has released the introductory single and music video from Scorpion Tea, titled “Scarlet Misquote.”
- ReGen Magazine

"Their plan was to create some new sounds together and what ensued was the musical foundation for a new experimental/death rock project they dubbed Scorpion Tea."
- Dancing About Architecture

"Once we realized what we had, we wrote a few more tunes together, then head right into Los Angeles’ Studio 22 in to get tape rolling with Thomas Dolas (Osees, Mr. Elevator) at the mixing desk. The result is a hard-edged, death rock album that takes the listener on a visceral journey."
Edley ODowd interview for Vive Le Rock

"'Scarlet Misquote' is a gem of a deathrock track, a little quirky and completely alt rock heaven from Scorpion Tea."
- Onyx Music Reviews on “Scarlet Misquote”

“Menacing yet vibrant to start, then devolving into this macabre meets post-rawk thing that ponders what it would sound like if Ulterior and The Cramps joined forces. ‘Scarlet Misquote’ is pretty freaking stunning as a Scorpion Tea starting point.”
- Rock and Roll Fables on “Scarlet Misquote”


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Photography: Steven Uriegas


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